Mouflon Sheep Hunting in Kansas

Fast Facts about the Mouflon Sheep

Category: Exotic
Season: All
Color: Reddish to dark brown
Horn: Circular curve up to 33 inches long
Size: 2 to 4 feet at the shoulder, up to 120 lbs.
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Mouflon Sheep Hunting Information

Thought to be the ancestor of all modern domestic sheep breeds, “mouflon” actually describes a subspecies of the wild sheep native to the Caspian region, extended from eastern Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan to Iran.

Modern mouflons are about 4 to 5 feet long with a rough, short-haired coat with black stripes. In the winter, their coat becomes more woolly. They keep their horns year-round. Their horns have a circular curve, with a ridged texture, and can grow up to 33 inches long.

A mouflon trophy is a must-have for any serious hunter; this ancient breed is sought-after for its history, unique coloration, and large horns.

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