Aoudad Ram Hunting in Kansas

Fast Facts about the Aoudad

Category: Exotic
Season: All
Color: Sandy-brown with darker belly and back stripe
Horn: More than 30” long, curved
Size: Up to 310 pounds, up to 3 feet tall
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Aoudad Ram Hunting Information

The aoudad, also called arrui, may be native to northern Africa, but this sheep relative is quite rare there, now. You can find them running wild more commonly in North America – particularly Texas – and southern Europe.

These sandy-brown beasts can stand more than three feet tall at their shoulder when fully grown, and their unique hair growth pattern includes a sparse mane and shaggy hair in a straight line down the length of their throats down to their knees, known as their chaps. They would not look out-of-place in their native Africa, at home with the likes of wildebeests, gazelle, and giraffes.

The aoudad’s horns are what make them really interesting: they are curved, but start growing outward from the skull to the sides, before curving backward, and then inward to each other. In this way, they appear very wide and expansive, a stand-out among your trophy collection due to sheer size.

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