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Top Cold Weather Gear for Deer Hunting

The Best Clothes for Kansas Whitetail Season

The team at Kansas Trophy Outfitters has hunted many different types of game and in all varieties of weather. When it comes to hunting whitetail deer in the winter, you need to have a standard list of essentials to ensure you set yourself up for a successful hunt. Obviously, a reliable rifle or bow affixed with a scope should be at the very top of your list. You can’t hunt without them. However, experienced hunters know that proper preparation goes far beyond simply having the right firearm, especially in cold weather situations. The hunter’s clothing is just as important as their firearm, not only for camouflage purposes, but also for allowing the hunter to endure the hours of waiting that is oftentimes required of them.

In the late fall, a hunter can get away with haphazard layering because the weather is more forgiving. Seasoned hunters know you can’t do that in the winter when snow and freezing rain are more common. Even the toughest hunters can only withstand laying on the frozen ground in sub-zero temps before relenting. For those hunting whitetail deer in Kansas during the winter, the following checklist should be a helpful guide for properly outfitting you for extensive cold weather excursions.


Not only do you want to purchase gear that covers the entirety of your head for concealment purposes, you also want to make sure that you’re protecting the most sensitive parts of your body from the elements. When it comes to winter hunting, the sting of cold tends to hit the nose, lips, and ears first. The SPIKA camo balaclava hunting hood is an excellent selection for the hunter that wants full head coverage with the added benefit of a 4-way stretch design and a breathing panel on the mouth. This hood is well-known for being effective in cold weather while providing the hunter plenty of breathability.


Hunting gear for the hands can be difficult to choose, especially if it’s for cold or wet weather. You want the best grip and feel possible without sacrificing warmth. Cold hands can lead to bad shots, so it’s best to go with a glove that gives you the best of both worlds. DecoyPro offers a glove with a textured grip that’s perfect for holding rifles and bows while also providing warmth via the soft lining inside the glove. This glove also features touchscreen fingertips so that you can use your smartphone without having to remove the gloves. Always pack an extra set of hand warmers for those especially cold hunting days.

Thermals/Base Layer

Reliable thermals play a key role in any cold weather hunting excursion. They should be soft, moisture-wicking, odor-neutralizing, and capable of properly regulating the hunter’s temperature. Fortunately, the Smartwool Merino Base layer covers all the bases with their line of performance wear. This thermal is specifically made for enduring low temps for extended periods of time.


The moment cold or moisture gets through your outer layers and hits the body, the hunt is likely going to be over soon. That’s why it’s critical to choose your outerwear selection based on how well it’s going to stand up to the elements. Sitka’s Hudson Waterproof Hunting Bib is completely waterproof while remaining breathable and affording the hunter body mobility. It also features a body-mapped interior of brushed flannel and lofted micro-grid fleece. This makes sure the hunter stays warm without compromising their mobility.


If you’re hunting in the dead of winter, you want a jacket that’s going to provide the greatest warmth possible, but doesn’t feel heavy or constrictive of movement. It should also offer ample pocket room for storing important items that you want to be easily accessible. For wet or cold weather hunting, the Cabela’s MT050 Whitetail Extreme GORE-TEX parka offers the perfect amount of insulation during adverse weather without compromising range of motion. It also features plenty of pocket space for additional gear or for keeping your hands warm.


When it comes to hunting boots, the two biggest features to consider are insulation and weather-proofing. Deer hunting in the winter is more about keeping your feet warm than it is about mobility, so don’t let a boot’s heavy weight concern you too much. The only question you need to ask yourself is, “Will these boots keep the elements out?” The Danner hunting shoe is one of many examples of hunting footwear that is designed to keep snow, moisture, and mud from seeping through the material and getting to your feet. They also offer great grip on the bottom sole for hiking through various terrain.

Remember, whitetail deer hunting in the winter is a game of being properly prepared to endure the elements. How well you insulate yourself could be the differentiating factor in bagging your trophy or packing it in early due to the cold.

If you find yourself unable or unwilling to invest this much money into hunting gear, not to worry! We at Kansas Trophy Outfitters offer our customers all the cold weather clothing required for enduring the elements. We can even provide rifles, if need be.

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