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How to Plan the Planning Your Fall 2021 Whitetail Deer Hunt

Ultimate Kansas Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting Guide

If you’ve hunted whitetail deer here in the state of Kansas, then you already know that the majority of the work is done on the front end. All the scouting, planning, and packing of the right gear are precursors to successfully tracking and tagging your prey. 90% of the hunt occurs before you even step out into the wilderness with your weapon in-hand. Experienced hunters know this and are well prepared for any given situation.

Since we know that getting ready for a whitetail deer hunt can be a little overwhelming, we thought we would drop our top tips to make sure that your upcoming hunt goes off without a hitch. We are going to cover everything from weaponry to seasonality, so that you can have all your bases covered for your upcoming whitetail deer hunt.

Choosing Your Weaponry

Choosing between a rifle or a crossbow is arguably one of the biggest decisions you’ll make for your upcoming whitetail deer hunt. As you’d expect, since these are different weapons, they require different hunting styles. Crossbow hunting is considered more advanced because it requires precision shooting from a closer range. For a 300+ FPS crossbow, the hunter will need to be inside 100 yards to get a clean shot. Even with a top-of-the-line crossbow and scope, this is a difficult shot to pull off, which is why most whitetail deer hunters prefer rifles.

Rifles provide a couple of distinct advantages when it comes to hunting whitetail deer. The first is that you’re going to see increased range compared to that of a crossbow. Realistically, you can be out over 300 yards and still feel highly confident about your shot, even under less-than-ideal conditions such as rain or wind. The second advantage is the increased kill percentage. Rifles don’t require the hunter to be as accurate compared to that of a crossbow hunter. The round splits up and turns into shrapnel when it hits the target, thus increasing the chances of a kill or critical shot that puts the animal down.

One of the big advantages of hunting with Kansas trophy outfitters is that we give you the option of using a crossbow or a rifle. We are also one of the few places that can guarantee our hunters will get a clear shot, even if you’re using a crossbow.

Hunting Strategy by Month

The hunting strategy that you use to hunt whitetail deer in October is vastly different than the one that you’ll use in December. You have to consider their feeding patterns, the current weather, and which areas of the land are relative hot spots. There’s also the rutting season to consider as well, which is when you can expect bucks to be closer to water sources. The factors that can influence a whitetail’s behavior are numerous, and seasoned hunters can get it wrong from time to time through no fault of their own. Even with all the technology and scouting cameras we have today, predicting the behavior of a whitetail deer is tough to do. Plenty of would-be hunters go out into the field and come back empty-handed simply because they were unlucky.

At Kansas Trophy Outfitters, our private hunting reserve sits on over 400 acres of high-fenced land. That affords our hunters a couple of large benefits when it comes to scheduling. The first is that we don’t do seasons when it comes to whitetail deer. We offer guided whitetail deer hunts throughout the entirety of the year. This affords hunters far more flexibility compared to hunting through the state. The second big advantage is that because your hunt is guided you won’t have to know about patterns or the lay of the land. Our guides stay up-to-date on this so that you don’t have to. They’ll point you in the right direction; all you need to worry about is getting a clean shot off.

Packing the Right Gear

Packing gear is one of the things that hunters painstakingly do for any whitetail deer hunt. It’s a delicate balance because you want to be prepared for any given situation. However, whatever you pack you have to carry. You don’t want to be out in the field and find yourself dog tired because you accidentally overpacked and can’t handle the weight.

When packing gear for your upcoming whitetail deer hunt, try to break it up into two categories: needs and wants. There are certain items that you absolutely can’t enter the field without. Obviously, you’ll need to bring either a rifle (with rounds) or a bow (with arrows). Clothing and cold-weather gear is going to be another essential item. Make sure to have all your bases covered as far as headgear, gloves, thermals, and coveralls are concerned if you plan on hunting in cold weather. If you don’t layer properly, you’ll either be freezing to death out in the field or sweating buckets.

Other critical items you’ll want to make sure and pack are a reliable hunting knife, a rangefinder for spotting your whitetail, extra ammo, GPS device, water/snacks, and last but not least, your permit and hunting license. Beyond that, it’s up to you to determine what additional gear you want to carry around. Some hunters like to bring either deer scent or deer antlers to help attract their prey. Other additional items that can pack on additional weight include tools, binoculars, rope, flashlight, hand saws, and pruners.

What’s great about hunting with Kansas Trophy Outfitters is that our hunters don’t need to pack as much gear because everything can be safely stored in our lodge. You’ll also be accompanied by a guide who will be handling some of the gear, which reduces the amount of weight that you’ll have to carry in your pack.

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