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The Pros of Booking a Guided Hunting Trip

8 Advantages to Hunting with Kansas Trophy Outfitters

If you’ve never been on a guided hunting trip before, then you’re potentially missing out on one of the best experiences you can have out in the field. Many hunters that come to Kansas Trophy Outfitters have described it as a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity that retains all the best parts of traditional hunting while elevating the overall experience. Big game hunting in Kansas has never been more enjoyable or accessible to groups of all sizes or experience levels here at KTO. Here are the top eight pros of booking a guided hunting trip.

Pro #1 – The Entire Year Is Hunting Season

Yes, you read that right. The hunting season at Kansas Trophy Outfitters spans the entire calendar year. That means if you want to hunt whitetail deer in the spring or summer, you can join us on our private reserve for some off-season hunting like you’ve never experienced before. One of the big advantages of hunting with us is that our hunting schedule is the most flexible you’re going to find. All you need to do is contact us to book your hunt so we can get you and your party locked in on our calendar.

Pro #2 – No Hunting License Required

As you’d expect, whitetail deer and big game hunting are very popular here in Kansas. However, some of our out-of-state folks have a really hard time getting approved for non-resident Kansas hunting licenses. With Kansas Trophy Outfitters, you don’t have to worry about that. Since we’re a private hunting reserve, you won’t need to apply for a special hunting license or jump through a bunch of hoops with the state. KTO makes big game hunting in Kansas simple and easy.

Pro #3 – A Guaranteed Shot at Your Whitetail Deer or Other Game

When you hunt on state land, there are no guarantees. You could potentially be out in the field all weekend and not come back with a tag. It’s possible you might not even see a deer. At Kansas Trophy Outfitters, we guarantee that you’ll get a shot at your whitetail deer or other selected game. Since we’re a high-fence private operation, we can assure our guests that they will have ample opportunity to bag their trophy. Our hunting guides will personally escort you and your party to ensure that happens.

Pro #4 – Choose Any Type of Domestic or Exotic Game

A huge advantage of hunting with Kansas Trophy Outfitters is that our hunters get to take down game they’d normally never see out in the wild. In addition to the always popular whitetail deer, KTO also offers guided hunts for Elk, Ibex, American Bison, Black Hawaiian Ram, Ankole-Watusi, and several other different types of large and exotic game.

Pro #5 – Expert Tips (If You Want Them)

When you go on a guided hunting trip with Kansas Trophy Outfitters, you’re going on an excursion with some of the most experienced hunters around. They’ll know everything from the best hunting tactics to how to properly line up your shot, which is why KTO has become a favorite destination for new hunters. We can offer guidance when needed, but are perfectly willing to hang back if you’re an experienced hunter.

Pro #6 – A Thrilling Hunting Experience

Make no mistake, a guided hunt in a fenced-in environment offers certain advantages, but it’s by no means easy. Both you and your party will still face the challenge of stalking and hunting mature game in an open environment. Our guides will give you the lay of the land, but we make sure the thrill of the hunt remains.

Pro #7 – All Weapons and Equipment

Hunting is an expensive endeavor. You can easily spend thousands on a firearm, rounds, and all the clothing and other gear you’ll need to be properly outfitted. One major thing that people love about Kansas Trophy Outfitters is that we can supply absolutely everything you need for your upcoming hunting trip. That majorly cuts down on costs for new hunters.

Pro #8 – A Fantastic Lodge with Great Amenities

When the hunt is over, there’s nothing better than kicking back and relaxing with friends, and the lodge at Kansas Trophy Outfitters allows you to do just that. When you’re not out in the field picking off whitetail and other game, you can hang at our comfy lodge, which is fully furnished and ready to host your hunting party.

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If you’re looking for big game or exotic guided hunting in Kansas with an experienced crew, then look no further than Kansas Trophy Outfitters. All you need to do to get started is provide us a few bits of information regarding your party, dates, and the type of game you want to hunt. Remember, here at Kansas Trophy Outfitters we guarantee that you’ll have an opportunity to tag the game you’ve come to hunt.

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