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Our Favorite Trail Cams for Hunters

The Top Brands and Highest Rated Hunting Trail Cams in 2021

When it comes to whitetail deer hunting in Kansas, there is still so much to be learned about how they operate in their natural habitat. Questions like “where do whitetail deer congregate to feed?” and “which whitetail deer are the most mature of their herd?” are just a couple of the common questions that are asked. As experienced whitetail deer hunters already know, most of the hunt transpires before any shots are actually fired. The trophy is the pay-off to a lot of front-end work, study of prey, and the patience and stealth required to get in the vicinity to fire off a clear shot. So, imagine if you had a way of getting to know your prey before you actually went out to hunt it.

This is where trail cams come into play, also known as nature cameras or camera traps. As you probably gathered by the name, this is a remote way of capturing wildlife on video in their natural habitat. With camera technology finally being what it is today, trail cams have proven to be effective in getting high-quality images that most hunters are unable to get themselves. For those that have tried to photograph whitetail deer only to spook them away – trail cams are a great alternative to standard photography methods, which can be laborsome.

Another thing that makes camera traps so easy to use is they are triggered by either motion or a change in heat (such as the temperature given off by a whitetail deer). That means your trail cam sits on idle until something comes along to trigger it.

Choosing a Trail Cam

When it comes to choosing a trail cam, a good rule of thumb to follow is “you get what you pay for.” In that respect, it makes it quite similar to choosing a rifle. When shopping for one, ask yourself the following three questions.

  1. How ruggedly is it built? A trail cam is designed to be left outside in the elements for hours – sometimes days – at a time. Make sure you’re choosing one that can withstand being left out there, especially if you expect cold weather or rain.
  2. What is the pixel count of the images captured? This is going to determine your quality of image. The more detailed your image, the better you’re going to be able to see what type of whitetail deer you’re looking at. Look for 1080p resolution cameras. Ideally, you want to be able to count their points and see their features to determine maturity. Also, make sure your camera is able to capture images at night/low light.
  3. How is the image capture triggered? Camera traps typically work one of two ways. They either detect motion or use an infrared beam that has to be triggered. Ideally, you want to select the camera that affords you the most range, so motion is usually the way to go.

Our Favorite Trail Cams

Choosing a trail cam is only difficult because there is so much selection out there on the market, and it’s only getting more advanced with each passing year. To get you started on your shopping process, we’ve selected three trail cams from established brands that capture fantastic images and can accommodate any budget.

Bushnell Core DS No Glow

This camera takes 30-megapixel images with 1080p video resolution. The Bushnell will take up to 60-second video clips and has a storage capacity of up to 32GB. It records at night (up to 80ft), captures audio, and is completely waterproof. The Bushnell also features two image sensors – one for day and one for nighttime. With no noticeable LED lights, this is a highly covert camera. You won’t have to worry about spooking your game away.

Stealth Cam DS4K

This camera takes 30-megapixel images with 4K 3840 x 2160-pixel video resolution, which puts it on the high end from a resolution standpoint. The Stealth Cam DS4K can take up to 180-second video clips and has the storage capacity of up to 32GB. It also features night vision (via infrared), audio recording, and a burst mode that will take between one and nine images. If there’s any downside to this camera, it’s that it requires a dozen AA batteries.

Spypoint Force-20 Trail Camera

This camera takes 20-megapixel images with 1280 x 720-pixel video resolution, which makes it a slightly lower resolution than the Bushnell and Stealth, but still very good. It stores up to 32GB using SD or SDHC cards, can operate at night, and features audio recording. The Spypoint uses what’s known as “super low glow,” which means that it can illuminate the field your subject is in without scaring it out of frame with the light. The Spypoint is considered a great mid-range camera for those that don’t want to shell out more than $100.

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