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The Ins and Outs of Exotic Hunting in Kansas

How to Book Your Exotic Hunting Trip in Three Simple Steps

When it comes to hunting in Kansas, whitetail deer reigns supreme. Every year thousands of hunters apply to get their deer permits in Kansas from both in-state and out-of-state, and there’s usually not enough to go around. This is what has made Kansas Trophy Outfitters one of the most popular hunting destinations in the area. Not only can we oblige hunters with a thrilling whitetail deer hunt on our private hunting reserve, we can also provide any number of exotic animals not normally available to hunters going through the state.

KTO is one of the few hunting outfitters in Kansas that can supply hunters with all matter of sheep and ram, American Bison, water buffalo, ibex, and elk just to name a few. If you’ve been hunting whitetail deer your entire life and are looking for a change of pace, then you’ve come to the right place. Exotic hunts in Kansas are available, and we’re going to break down exactly what you need to do to book one.

Step #1 – Choose Your Exotic

The first step to exotic hunting is choosing which type of animal you want to hunt. The beauty of hunting with Kansas Trophy Outfitters is that our hunting lodges and hunting reserve are all located on private property that’s fenced in. That means no animals get in or out without our knowledge. This allows us to control which animals are roaming our reserve at any given moment, including the exotics. They include

  • Trophy Ram
    • Black Hawaiian Ram
    • Catalina Ram
    • Texas Dall Rams
    • Barbados Black Belly
    • Mouflon
  • Aoudad Sheep
  • Ibex
  • Elk
  • American Bison
  • Water Buffalo
  • Watusi
  • Yak

Our Trophy Animal Hunting page breaks down each exotic with physical description, weight, color, and more info. Since exotic hunting may be new to most hunters, we set you up with a hunting guide to offer you tips and advice on how to best approach your animal.

Step #2 – Book Your Exotic Hunt

Once you’ve selected the type of exotic animal you want to hunt, the next step is to book it. All you have to do is provide a little bit of information about yourself such as your name, email, phone number, and so forth. We also need to know your preferred check-in date. This allows us to look at our hunting calendar and see if we have availability of the animal and the date that you want. Since Kansas Trophy Outfitters operates on a private hunting reserve, we don’t do seasons here, which means that the majority of our animals are offered all throughout the calendar year.

Finally, there is a section where you can ask any additional questions that you may have about your exotic hunt. If you have a specific inquiry about an animal you plan to hunt, do so in that field and one of our experts will get right back to you on it.

Step #3 – Finalize Your Hunt and Put Down Your Deposit

Once we confirm the dates that you want to book for your hunt along with the type of animal, all that’s left is to confirm the details and put down your hunting deposit. Each hunter is required to put down a 50% deposit, which will then be applied to your overall bill at the end of the hunt. Pricing for exotics will vary from animal to animal. The best way to get an estimate on how much your overall bill is going to be is by visiting our pricing page.

For your convenience, when you book your hunt you can also book your stay at one of our hunting lodges. KTO is one of the few hunting outfitters in Kansas that offers both thrilling high-fence hunts along with luxurious lodging chalk-full of amenities. Package pricing is available on our exotic hunts when combined with hunting lodge accommodations.

Book Your Exotic Big Game Hunting Trip with Kansas Trophy Outfitters Today!

The great thing about hunting exotic game with Kansas Trophy Outfitters is that we take the hassle out of hunting so that you and your party can truly enjoy yourselves. As long as you have a valid hunting license, there’s no special paperwork or hoops you need to jump through. This makes things easy if you’re visiting us from out of state. Also, we’re one of the few hunting outfitters in Kansas that actually guarantees you get a shot at your game. Since the hunt takes place in a high-fence environment, our hunting guides make sure that you get a clean shot and ample opportunity to bag your trophy.

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