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Questions to Ask When Booking a Guided Hunt

How to Make Sure You Select the Right Hunting Outfitter

If you’ve never been on a guided hunt before, naturally, you’re probably going to have a lot of questions as to how it differs from the traditional hunting trips you’ve been going on. There are a few core differences between a guided hunt and a traditional hunt you’d go on through the state. First of all, a guided hunt provides you with a hunting expert who will assist you throughout the duration of the hunt. They can help you carry gear, navigate you through the hunting preserve, and assist you in lining up your shot. Hunting guides help expedite the process and serve as a valuable resource for those who are just learning to hunt. The other big difference between a guided hunt and traditional hunt is that guided hunts typically are offered on privately-owned land. That carries with it a few advantages such as year-round hunting instead of seasons, no special licenses being required of hunters, and on-site lodging for you and your party. Not all guided hunts in Kansas are created equal, so the onus is on the hunter to make sure they ask the right questions to vet their potential guided hunting outfitter.

When researching hunting outfitters in Kansas, keep the following ten questions in mind as they can help you through the vetting process.

Question #1 – “How long have you been in business?”

There is absolutely nothing wrong with guided hunts that are new to the game; however, a hunting outfitter that has been in business for a while generally indicates they’re a stable company with a large clientele.

Question #2 – “Does your hunting preserve high-fence hunts or free range hunts?”

Some hunters don’t care about this while others believe that high-fences hunts somehow minimizes the hunting experience. In the end, a fence is a means of keeping game contained while keeping out all other animals that may be predators or may otherwise throw off the population of the preserve – including breeding. Learn more about high-fence hunting here.

Question #3 – “How big is your preserve?”

The size of the preserve is a good indicator of how your guided hunting trip will play out. The bigger the area, the more land there is for you and the animal to roam on. The thing you want to avoid is a canned hunt, which is when the animal has very little space to move around in.

Question #4 – “What animals are available to hunt?”

Kansas deer hunting outfitters obviously offer deer, but it pays to ask what else is on the menu. Kansas Trophy Outfitters provides a large variety of domestic and exotic game, including ram, Aoudad sheep, ibex, elk, bison, water buffalo, and Watusi, just to name a few.

Question #5 – “What are the chances of bagging a trophy?”

This is a loaded question because every hunting outfitter is different as are the people that choose to hunt there. It’s also possible that the hunting outfitter doesn’t keep track of that data. However, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have an answer – whether it’s an approximation or not – ready to give to potential clients. And be wary of the phrase “we guarantee you bag a trophy.” If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

At Kansas Trophy Outfitters we guarantee you a shot opportunity. However, it’s up to the hunter to make it a good one.

Question #6 – “How many hunters do you take per week?”

This may seem like an innocent question about how well the hunting outfitter is doing as a business, but what you’re really doing is determining if the outfitter over-hunts on the land. By this point, you should know the size of the land, the types of animals they have, and whether it’s a fenced environment. If it turns out that the outfitter on dozens upon dozens of hunters per week, this may be an indication that they over-hunt, which means a severe lack of mature bucks and lower trophy quality.

Question #7 – “Is there a group size minimum/maximum?”

If you’re going hunting, you probably have a certain group of friends or family that you’re wanting to go with. Don’t let yourself be caught off-guard by a hunting outfitter that requires a certain number of people in the group in order to participate. You might also ask the outfitter if they combine groups in the event that your hunting party is small.

Question #8 – “Is there a hunting lodge on the hunting preserve?”

Going on a hunt means you have to find a place to stay close by or you’re going to be hitting the road after sundown. It’s best to find out early on if the hunting outfitter has lodging and what the accommodations consist of. This way you and your group can plan ahead. Kansas Trophy Outfitters is proud to have one of the nicest hunting lodges in Kansas. We provide full accommodations and lodging for all hunting trips booked with us!

Question #9 – “Who handles the taxidermy for your outfitter?”

The best part of trophy hunting is finally getting the trophy that’s ready to hang on the wall. However, you need to ensure that you have a great taxidermist all lined up and ready to go. Most professional outfitters will have at least a couple taxidermists they use. However, make sure to ask about this so that you know that portion of things is being taken care of.

Question #10 – “Will the hunting guide be with me the whole time?”

The purpose of having a hunting guide on a guided hunt is to help the hunter navigate the terrain, identify shooting spots, get set up and spot/stalk the game. Some hunting outfitters provide guides that help the hunter(s) find a spot and leave. Others provide hunting guides that stay with the hunter(s) during the entire hunt. A few key things to consider when choosing which is best for you is how comfortable you are navigating the hunting preserve, the game you’re hunting and the method of hunting.

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