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Why Kansas is One of the Best States for Hunting

What to Know About Hunting on the Great Plains

If you are an experienced hunter, then you’ve probably already heard about some of the great places to hunt in Kansas and the variety of big game and small game hunting options in Kansas. In fact, hunting in Kansas is such a draw that people travel cross-country just for the opportunity to tag trophy whitetail deer, elk and other big game.

Historically, whitetail deer hunting in Kansas has always been popular, and the number of whitetail tags issued by the state has steadily increased since the ban was lifted back in 1965 (read more about that in our “History of Whitetail Deer Hunting” blog). Although whitetail deer hunting is most common, hunting in Kansas goes far beyond that. Here are the reasons why Kansas is one of the best states for hunting in the entire country.

Wide Open Spaces, Even at Kansas Deer Hunting Outfitters

One of the main reasons that Kansas is such an ideal place to hunt is because the state has maintained much of its open spaces, allowing natural wildlife to breed and thrive. To put it in hard numbers, Kansas consists of more than 300,000 acres of public land and more than one million acres of private land that’s open on a seasonal basis for hunters.

On top of that, Kansas also has about 500,000 acres of professionally managed hunting preserves and outfitters that offer private hunting options, such as Kansas Trophy Outfitters. A hunting preserve like Kansas Trophy Outfitters is the ideal option for hunters who want an opportunity to shoot a trophy animal and for people who are looking for an affordable hunting trip in Kansas. Hunting preserves are the best places to hunt for out-of-state hunters because they don’t require out-of-state hunting licenses.

Large Variety of Game and Hunting Methods

Whitetail deer is by far one of the biggest reasons that hunters prefer Kansas over many other states. Whitetail deer hunts are some of the most challenging and most rewarding hunts. Here in the state of Kansas, whitetail deer can be hunted in-season using rifles, bows, and muzzleloaders. There’s even a specific season for younger hunters and those with disabilities.

Beyond whitetail deer, hunters in Kansas also have the opportunity to hunt antelope, elk, wild turkey, migratory birds such as ducks and geese, pheasant, quail, beaver, coyotes, and small game such as rabbits and squirrels. The Kansas Wildlife, Parks & Tourism site breaks down each season by county and by game for those wanting specific season dates.

Additionally, hunters who visit a private hunting preserve such as Kansas Trophy Outfitters also have the opportunity to go after big game and exotic animals. This includes Black Belly Sheep, Black Hawaiian Ram, American Bison, Ankole-Watusi, Ibex, Elk, and Water Buffalo. Another big advantage of hunting preserves and outfitters in Kansas is that many of these animals are available to hunt year-round, which is yet another reason why out-of-state hunters are willing to make the trip here.

The Worthy Challenge

There’s a saying in the great state of Kansas: “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes.” Although that may seem like an exaggeration, this state is well-known for its varied and sometimes challenging weather patterns. The forecast can be 65 degrees and sunny one day and then drop down to 30 degrees with sleet a few days later.

Kansas weather is hard to predict, which adds a degree of difficulty when it comes to hunting whitetail or other game here in the state. Hunters not only have to consider what game they are tracking, but they also have to choose the correct layering and protective gear to suit the occasion. To be able to hunt successfully in the state of Kansas speaks volumes about the skill of a hunter, and makes for much more interesting and challenging excursions – and great hunting stories to share with your buddies later.

Hunt Whitetail Deer and Other Big Game in Kansas

Hunting in Kansas is one of the best experiences that a trophy hunter can get, regardless of your weapon of choice or preference of game. Much of the draw to this state is that it seems to accommodate all types of hunters, but as we’ve explained previously, Kansas is the promised land when it comes to hunting whitetail deer.

If you’re new to hunting in Kansas or have been doing it for years, the team at Kansas Trophy Outfitters welcomes you to book your next guided high-fence hunting trip with us. Not only do we offer year-round hunting for a large variety of domestic and exotic animals, we also have a beautiful hunting lodge that provides midwest comfort and hospitality that make it perfect for families, out-of-town groups, corporate hunting trips.

At Kansas Trophy Outfitters, you don’t have a draw for a tag, and we guarantee you’ll have an opportunity to take a shot. We have roughly 400 acres of land that provides the perfect habitat for big whitetail bucks and other trophy animals.

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