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5 Reasons Fall is the Perfect Time for a Hunting Excursion

All the Advantages of Autumn Hunting

When is the best time to go deer hunting? It’s a question that hunters have debated for decades. At Kansas Trophy Outfitters, we have the distinct advantage of being able to offer year-round hunting on whitetail deer and other exotic animals. That means that you can partake in our guided hunts during the dog days of summer or during the bone-chilling and snowy weather of February. Certain hunters prefer certain climates. What we know for sure though is that fall is generally agreed upon as the best time for Kansas hunting, which is a big reason why state-run hunting occurs then. Consider these five reasons for why your next high-fence guided hunt should take place during autumn.

Reason #1 – The Seasonable Weather

One thing that can quickly make or break a hunt is weather. If it’s over 90-degrees and scorching outside, you’re going to be miserable. If it’s sub-zero and gusty outside, you’re going to be a different flavor of miserable (but miserable just the same). The great thing about fall is that it falls right in the middle of those two extremes. Here in Kansas, we see temperatures generally in the seventies starting in September, and then they dip down to the sixties and fifties in October. That’s perfect hunting weather for most people.

Reason #2 – Easy Layering

To piggy-back off of reason number one, the seasonable weather of autumn also means that your layering is going to be a breeze. In most cases, you’re going to be looking at a max of two lightweight layers. That means you’re going to be able to traverse the field easier and not have to worry about carrying as much weight or changing layers.

Reason #3 – The Cycles of Rut

Deer rut takes place over several weeks occurring during the heart of the fall season. Depending on the type of hunter you are, you may be aiming to tag a whitetail deer in a certain phase of its development. Or, you’re thinking of your hunt from a conservational standpoint by holding off on those young bucks so they may fully develop for later seasons. Whatever the case may be, rut is a pretty exciting time for deer hunters because it’s a big indicator of how deer are going to be behaving. If you know how a deer is going to act and they’re leaving traces of where they frequent on the trees, chances are, you’re going to have a much easier time hunting them.

Reason #4 – Cold Front Triggers

As any experienced hunter knows, weather has a direct impact on deer activity. When those cold fronts roll through Kansas, you can bet your bottom dollar you’re going to see increased daytime deer movement. That’s because colder weather requires deer to consume additional food so they can maintain their body temp. Cold fronts trigger deer to move around more freely during the day, which is good news for hunters that don’t like getting up at the crack of dawn. October and November are perfect for mid-day hunts if you can time the weather just right. Big chills equal big thrills in the deer hunting world.

Reason #5 – Statistically High Movement Patterns

Hunting whitetail deer during the summer is a challenge. The warm weather means deer will be moving very little. If deer aren’t moving, then you can count on the degree of difficulty of your hunt going through the roof. You basically have to hope you get lucky and spot one during sunrise or sunset. Fall hunting, on the other hand, is statistically when whitetail deer are moving around the most. Countless trade publications and hunters have researched whitetail activity over the decades, and September/October is the sweet spot.

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When you hunt with Kansas Trophy Outfitters, you have the option to hunt at literally any point during the year that you want. Although we just got done discussing all the advantages of fall season hunting, that mainly applies to whitetail hunting that’s conducted through the state. Since KTO sits on a 350-acre high-fenced preserve, we see whitetail deer activity for the entirety of the calendar year. Additionally, we’re one of the few hunting outfitters in Kansas that guarantees you get a clean shot at your trophy. Our guides make sure your trip out here is worth it. For those of you coming in from out of state, there’s no need to worry about obtaining any special licenses or permits. As long as you have your hunting license, you’re good to go.

KTO offers big game and exotic animal hunting for all experience levels of hunters. Our hunting preserve is perfect for those looking to bag whitetail deer, ibex, ram, or even American Bison. Once you’ve concluded your day of hunting, you can relax and unwind in one of our luxury hunting lodges.

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