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Your Comprehensive Guide to Ram Hunting in Kansas

Everything You Need to Know to Successfully Claim Your Ram Trophy in Kansas

If you think there are no options for ram hunting in Kansas – think again. Although whitetail deer season always gets the most amount of traffic with hunters, it’s not your only hunting option here in the Midwest. Big horn ram hunting has been widely hailed as one of the most exciting excursions that you can go on, and offers a different variety of hunt compared to white tail deer or avian-based game such as pheasants or turkeys. If you’ve yet to try ram hunting in Kansas, then this breakdown should give you an idea of what to expect.

Ram Hunting Guide – The Legal Side

If you’re like most hunters in Kansas, then you grew up hunting whitetail deer and have never been made aware that ram hunting is available in the state. That’s because ram hunting in Kansas is restricted to private hunting reserves such as Kansas Trophy Outfitters. There are a couple advantages of hunting on a private reserve.

The first is that big horn ram hunting is not boxed into a specific time period of the year. Because the hunting takes place on private property, ram is considered a year-round game. This makes it highly convenient for hunters who have hectic schedules and find it difficult to get the time away that they need to go hunting. The second advantage is that there is no hunting license requirement or tag that the hunter needs to get through the state. Private hunting preserves operate independently of the state, meaning hunters don’t have to jump through additional hoops in order to book their ram hunt.

Ram Hunting Guide – The Hunt Itself

Hunting ram or big horn ram is a different experience than hunting whitetail deer or elk. They can be deceptively elusive considering their size and build, and lining up that perfect kill shot may be difficult for those who have never hunted ram before. A direct head shot, for instance, may only injure the ram and/or ruin the trophy due to their exceptionally thick curled horns. The shot placement is incredibly important, as is the stalking method and ammo.

For ammo selection, our three favorites for ram hunting in Kansas are the .224 Valkyrie, the .223 Remington, and the .270 Winchester. These have all proven to be highly effective choices for taking down both ram and deer with great muzzle velocity, power, and true-to-aim firing. More detail can be found about what the best ammo for ram hunting is on our blog.

Since your ram hunt will take place on a privately-run preserve, that means you get the advantage of a fully guided ram hunting tour. First-time hunters of ram have found this to be extremely advantageous when it comes to tracking and stalking their prey. Not unlike whitetail, all species of ram can get easily spooked and run off, so that first shot has to count. By using the hunting guides at Kansas Trophy Outfitters you’re going to be in the best position to get a successful shot off the first time and bag your trophy. Our guides know the lay of the land and how close you can get to a ram before they become alerted to the hunter’s presence.

Additionally, since Kansas Trophy Outfitters is a high-fence preserve sitting on over 400 acres, you can be sure you’re going to get an authentic hunting experience – not a canned hunt. We are also one of the few hunting preserves in the area that absolutely guarantees you’ll see your game and get a clean shot at it. Not many are able to promise that.

Best of all, you get to select the exact type of ram that you want to hunt. Kansas Trophy Outfitters currently offers four species of ram for our ram hunters. They include:

You can get more information about each species of ram by following their links. All four of them offer exciting and challenging hunting experiences.

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If you’re looking to hunt exotic ram or other big game in Kansas, then Kansas Trophy Outfitters is the perfect spot for you and your hunting party to do it. All you need to get things started is to provide a little information about you, the type of game you want to hunt, and the dates you’re looking to do it. If you’re aiming to make an entire vacation out of your ram hunting excursion, Kansas Trophy Outfitters has a huge hunting lodge that can accommodate large hunting parties so that you can relax and unwind in between hunts.

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