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Elk Hunting in Kansas

Five Reasons Why You Should Elk Hunt In Kansas

If you’ve never hunted elk before then you may be missing out on some of the best hunting that Kansas has to offer. For those who are not familiar, elk are the largest species in the deer family and one of the biggest terrestrial mammals in North America. Unfortunately, due to their limited numbers, the state of Kansas only issues about 20 permits per year for elk hunting. Those permits are given to military personnel and Kansas residents. The demand for elk hunting in Kansas is high, but the supply of permits is next to nothing.

That’s why Kansas Trophy Outfitters is happy to bring both Kansas residents and out-of-state hunters the opportunity to hunt elk on our private high-fence hunting reserve. Here are the top five benefits of booking a guided elk hunt in Kansas with Kansas Trophy Outfitters.

#1 – Extended Elk Hunting Season

If you think you’re reading that wrong – you didn’t. Here at Kansas Trophy Outfitters we offer an extended Kansas elk hunting season. This means that you will have more flexibility in the planning of your elk hunt. Find the weekend that works best for you and book your hunting trip online!

On a related note, all of the big game that we offer guided hunting trips here at Kansas Trophy Outfitters have extended hunting seasons.

#2 – No Out Of State Hunting License or Tag Required

Hardest part of any elk hunt is usually getting all the paperwork in order, especially if you live in another state. Not only do you have to get your out of state hunting license, but you also have to enter a draw for an elk hunting tag, which you’re not guaranteed to win. Not only is this process costly but it also makes it challenging to plan your elk hunting trip in Kansas. You have to get lucky to get an elk tag in Kansas, because so few are issued.

Since Kansas Trophy Outfitters is a private hunting reserve, you don’t have to worry about getting an out of state hunting license or an elk tag. This means you can bypass all the red tape and get right to the fun part – the hunt.

#3 – A Guaranteed Shot

There’s nothing worse than being in a blind or staking out an area for an entire day and seeing no action. Going home empty-handed is a hard pill to swallow.

At Kansas Trophy Outfitters we guarantee that you’ll get an opportunity to shoot an elk. If you’re wondering how that’s possible, it’s because our private hunting reserve sits within 400 acres of high fence area. That means our elk population are professionally managed to ensure they’re healthy and not over hunted.

#4 – An Expert Guide

Another big advantage to hunting elk in Kansas with the KTO team is that all our hunts are guided hunts. This means you’ll have a pro hunting guide that knows our land and will help you set up, spot, stalk and shoot your trophy elk. Our hunting guides are experts in hunting a variety of big game and exotic animals, so you can be sure you’re getting expert advice when you need it. We understand more seasoned hunters like to be left to their own devices, so our team is willing to hang back if you want us to. The choice is up to you.

#5 – All the Elk Hunting Equipment You’ll Need

If you’ve been hunting for any length of time then you already know it can be an expensive endeavor. When you factor in the rifle, the rounds, the clothing, and all the gear you need to get started, the grand total is going to set you back a bit. That’s why Kansas Trophy Outfitters offers our hunters everything they could possibly need for their upcoming elk hunting trip, which significantly cuts down on costs in the long run. New hunters especially find this to be advantageous because they can experience the thrill of elk hunting without having to make a huge front-end investment.

Book Your Guided High-Fence Elk Hunt in Kansas Today!

If you’re ready to book one of the most authentic and thrilling hunts of your life, then the next step is to book your elk hunt with Kansas Trophy Outfitters. We work with both new and experienced hunters alike, and can guarantee that you’ll get an opportunity to shoot an elk.

All you need to do is give us a little information about yourself, the type of game you want to hunt, and the timeframe you’re looking to visit us. After we get that, one of our staff will get back to you with an estimate for your upcoming elk hunt.

Book your trip with Kansas Trophy Outfitters today!