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Tips for Hunting in the Kansas Summer Heat

Your Hot Weather Hunting Guide

If you’ve ever spent a summer in Kansas, then you already know that the weather can be a crapshoot. One day it can be rainy and cool. The next day it can be humid with temperatures nearing 100 degrees. The fact that the weather changes so often and there’s no consistency can make planning Kansas hunts difficult, especially in the summer.

Here at Kansas Trophy Outfitters, many of our whitetail deer hunters like to hunt in the off-season during the summer because it works out better for their vacation plans. There’s nothing better than combining a trip with friends with some good old-fashioned trophy hunting. However, the summer weather can catch you off-guard if you’re not careful. The next time you’re hot weather hunting, follow these tips to ensure you’re ready for anything Mother Nature throws your way.

Must-Have Summer Gear to Pack

With cold weather hunting in Kansas, the priority concern is making sure your layering is done in a way where you can maintain warmth throughout the entirety of the hunt. That can be difficult as the Midwest is well known for cold rain and wintery mix during the height of whitetail season. If you can’t figure out how to stay warm, the hunt may be over before you ever get an opportunity to tag a whitetail.

In the summer, you’re going to experience the opposite challenge – staying cool and comfortable. Here’s a list of must-have things to pack when you go whitetail hunting in the summer heat in Kansas.

  1. Water: We really can’t stress the importance of water enough. If you plan to be out in the 90-degree summer heat for hours at a time, you’re going to need to pack a good amount of water. Otherwise, you run the risk of becoming dehydrated, which can lead to you losing your steady aim when you need it the most. A good way to pack ice cold water is by freezing a few bottles the night before your hunt. You can pack them with your gear and they’ll slowly melt throughout the day. Additionally, the team at Kansas Trophy Outfitters will provide water coolers for your summer hunting excursion.
  2. Summer hunting gear: When it comes to summer hunting trips, you want to go as light and breathable as possible on hunting gear so that you can stay cool and minimize any sweating that will occur. Pay attention to the material the gear is made of along with any additional features that are designed to keep you cool. Moisture-wicking technology and mesh armpits are a couple of popular ones.
  3. Ice or gel packs: Regardless of how much you hydrate or how light you go on hunting gear, the heat can still get to all of us. If you want something relatively light that you can use at any time to cool down, an ice or gel pack is just the trick. Or, you can simply pour some of your ice-cold water on a towel.
  4. Bug repellant: Since you’ll be hunting in the summer, that means you’re going to worry about bugs in addition to heat. Make sure to load up on bug repellant before you hit the field to keep mosquitos, ticks, and other insects away from you. We keep plenty of bug repellent here at Kansas Trophy Outfitters, so we’ve got you covered if you forget to bring your own.
  5. Face paint: In the winter, you can use head gear to both keep cool and camouflage yourself. Since that’s not really an option when dealing with the summer heat, apply face paint instead. Make sure to stick with colors like black, dark green, brown, and tan so that you’ll blend in with your surroundings.

Other Tips for Hot Weather Deer Hunting

Kansas hunts in the summer are going to be different from winter hunts. Not only does it affect the gear that you pack, but it also changes the strategy of how you approach whitetail deer. In terms of temperature, the coolest temps of the day are going to be at dawn and dusk. This also happens to be the time when whitetail deer and buck are most active. If you’re hunting right in the middle of a day where temps are especially high, try to find those areas a whitetail would go in order to find shade and keep cool. Look for large tree canopies or areas where water is available. It’s not uncommon for an overheated whitetail to venture out to get water, which makes streams and river beds opportune places to sit and wait.

If you’ve never hunted in the summer before, then it helps to have a hunting guide with you to do it. When you book your summer whitetail deer hunting trip with Kansas Trophy Outfitters, we set you up with your own personal guide to help show you the lay of the land and pass along any tips you might need. Additionally, we’re one of the only hunting outfitters in Kansas that actually guarantees you’ll get a clear shot at your trophy. We definitely make your trip worthwhile.

Finally, KTO has hunting lodges on the property for our hunters. This comes in handy in the middle of the day when your party may want to take a break from the heat and rest. You can relax in your own private hunting lodge and wait for the sun to dip down before heading back out into the field.

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