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6 Tips for Booking a Whitetail Buck Hunting Trip

How to Prep for a Successful Hunt

Planning a successful whitetail buck hunting trip can seem like a highly complicated affair, especially if you’ve never done it before. Even the most seasoned hunters will tell you that it took them several years to develop a system that they feel works for them. Whitetail deer hunting is a skill-based sport, but much of the heavy lifting is done on the front end during the preparation phase. If you think you can just go out there and wing it, you’re going to be disappointed with the results.

Here at Kansas Trophy Outfitters, we’ve accumulated years of experience over the course of our many whitetail hunting trips. The following six tips should be helpful in the planning and organization of your upcoming whitetail buck hunting trip.

Purpose of the Hunt

The first thing you’ll want to figure out is the purpose of your hunt. Are you in it for the pure sport of it? Are you wanting the bag a whitetail for the meat? Or is it more about the trophy for you?

Determining the purpose of your hunt should help you narrow down the finer details of where you can do it, the time frame, and anything that might be required for transporting the carcass. Also, if you’re a first-time hunter or will be in a party with a first-time hunter, that may also factor into your decision-making process. Here at Kansas Trophy Outfitters, we pride ourselves on being a trusted resource for first-time and seasoned hunters alike.

Timing, Location & Weather

The next critical piece of planning your hunt is figuring out when and where you’re going to do it. This is especially important if you’re planning on travelling cross country to an area where whitetail deer and buck are in higher populations. A good starting point is doing some frontend research regarding where the best spots are to hunt whitetail that are local to you. This helps cut down on your travel time and budget. If you’re having a hard time planning around standard whitetail season, just know that Kansas Trophy Outfitters has extended hunting seasons. Hunters of our have found this to be a huge convenience as it opens up the planning window.

The other big factor you want to be conscious of is the weather pattern for the area that you’re scouting. In Kansas, for instance, there’s a big difference in average temperature between November and January, which will greatly influence what you end up packing in order to remain comfortable in the cold.

Choosing Hunting Land

When it comes to picking out which type of land that you’re going to be hunting whitetail deer or buck on, it boils down to three options.

Public hunting land: For this, you are going to be required to obtain a state license in order to utilize it for hunting. Public hunting land is run by the state, which means they’re the ones responsible for managing wildlife populations and how many hunters they allow in during a particular season. When choosing public hunting land, make sure you consult the appropriate .gov site so that you know you’re meeting all requirements and all the proper paperwork has been filed.

Private hunting land: As the name implies, private hunting lands are owned and operated by an individual – not the state. This means in order to hunt there you will need written permission from the landowner, and they may also require that you show proof of completing a hunting course. Private hunting land owners don’t operate by a universal set of rules and regulations, so you will need to be diligent in finding out what their requirements are so that you’ll be allowed to hunt there.

Hunting preserve/hunting outfitter: A hunting preserve or hunting outfitter is similar to hunting on private land, but the big difference is that they can provide much (if not all) of the equipment you’ll need to successfully hunt whitetail or other game. The other difference is that preserves are usually fenced in, hence, the term “high fence hunting.” This means the game stays inside the property line and their natural predators are kept out. Kansas Trophy Outfitters falls into this category. We not only guarantee that you’ll have an opportunity to tag a whitetail, we also can provide you and your hunting party the equipment you need to do it.


Every state has their own regulations on whitetail deer hunting, but what’s consistent throughout the country is that hunters need a hunting license and a deer tag. In Kansas, out-of-state hunters must enter a draw for a whitetail deer tag. Kansas has updated their regulations over the years and you’re not guaranteed to get a tag when you enter the draw. To find out more about these regulations, it’s best to visit the state’s hunting and wildlife website. Most application processes can be done online. Keep in mind, if you’re an out-of-state hunter, you will likely have to apply for a special out-of-state hunting license.

If that sounds like too much of a hassle, you can book a hunt with a hunting preserve such as Kansas Trophy Outfitters, which operates under special permissions and rules. You do not need an out-of-state hunting license or enter a draw for a whitetail deer tag in order to hunt. This saves you time, money and you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re able to hunt.


Once you’ve narrowed down the location and timeframe of your hunt you can really start to hone in on the gear you’ll need to take with you. Obviously, colder temperatures will require more of a focus on layering your clothing. For help on that, consult our blog entry about the top cold weather gear for deer hunting.

Some other helpful items you’ll want to consider taking with you are rattling antlers, a grunt call, and scent spray. Depending on which hunter you ask, these all have varying degrees of success attracting whitetail deer and buck to your vicinity for a better shot. It may take several hunts before you land on a luring method that works best for you, but that’s part of the fun of hunting.

One key item that you should definitely take with you is a GPS navigator. It’s very easy to get turned around in the woods, especially in low light situations. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by bringing the proper GPS nav equipment, and don’t forget to check the battery health.

Finally, you can’t hunt without a weapon, so you’ll need to decide if you’re bringing a rifle or bow. Seasoned hunters typically have a preferred weapon based upon their experience. For beginning hunters who haven’t established a preference or haven’t yet purchased a weapon, Kansas Trophy Outfitters can provide all the hunting tools required for whitetail hunting.


Hunting is by no means an inexpensive venture, and if you’re not careful with your planning, the cost can really sneak up on you. When planning your whitetail buck or deer hunting trip, it’s always good to set a max budget for you to work within. Write down ever planned expenditure regarding travel, lodging, gear, permit/licensing costs, and even emergency funds, just in case.

If you notice that the cost of the trip is getting a little too much, consider one of the many package deals that Kansas Trophy Outfitters offers. What hunters enjoy about the hunting experience on our preserve is we save hunters time (tags, licensing) and the money they’d normally spend on firearms, rounds, clothing, and other gear.

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Kansas Trophy Outfitters has years of experience working with seasoned and new hunters alike. The best part about our hunting experience is that we absolutely guarantee you’ll have an opportunity to tag a whitetail deer or buck during your trip. If you don’t have any hunting gear of your own – not to worry – we can outfit you with everything you need to ensure you can hunt like a pro and take home a trophy.

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